South China Sea, from Vung Tau to Phan Thiet.

As you may have already read in our last blogpost (click here), we arrived to Vung Tau at night. We easily found our Airbnb host who shared their house with us.

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Our apartment was very close to the beach side, so we went out for a dinner. Vung Tau is a busy city with lots of tourists, even in this season.

Lot of people came and enjoyed the International-Happy-Friday in the square, others were eating in the street, as it is usual in Vietnam. We found a nice restaurant next to the beach and we ate some delicious sea food.

On the next day we started our next trip up to the mountains. Our destination was the lighthouse and the Jesus Christ statue. It is a very good feeling to simply jump on our motorbike and just ride, kill the kilometers and see amazing sights in Vietnam. I think this is the feeling what we can call: Freedom. 

We had an amazing view from the top. Unfortunately, the road going up to the Jesus Christ statue was closed, so we continued our ride to our main destination, Phan Thiet.

I cannot recall the names of the cities, it’s still a little bit difficult for me to memorize them, but we rode next to the sea all day. 

We stopped sometimes to move our muscles a little bit, this 160 km was too much, I was wondering, if it was a good idea to ride 110 km on the first day, 160 km on the next day and go back to the city (other 230 km) on the last day. But we are warriors and we have a never-give-up personality so we’re going do it, no excuses. The most painful is the feeling in you lower parts because of the motorbike, hopefully we will get used to this soon.

Our first stop was 130 km away from Phan Thiet.

The next stop was closer, around 100 km away. At the end of our trip we were riding in the storm. The road didn’t need more than 10 minutes to become so wet from the rain, that it became a really weird experience to drive in this crazy weather.

Our neighbors asked us after we arrived: “you made it?”

Yes we made it, and without any harm, thank God!

Kevin (our neighbour from Australia) and his band invited us to Joe’s cafe, as they played live music there that night.

Before we met them we had gone to eat something. We found a nice Italian restaurant. We like Vietnamese food, but after one month your belly would like to eat something different. We all know this feeling, don’t we?

Kevin and his band’s concert was very nice, the guys played really well, I like blues. We came home earlier because we were pretty tired. 

Tomorrow is a big day, we have to go back to the city, HCMC. It’s 230 km away from here, but we would like to see some other places as well.

Mui Ne and the sand dunes are waiting for us!

The story will continue. For more photos, infos and videos just click and follow us on social media!

See you soon, to be continued!






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