Vietnam, from Mui Ne to HCMC, last day, at Sunday.

It’s a very good feeling to eat our breakfast in the morning next to the South China Sea. Our video is finally ready to share with you. It’s a little bit longer, FYI.

We had awesome ride last day back to the city. It was more than 200 km. We had gone to sleep earlier after the concert, so we woke up early too and we went to eat on the beach. We needed the energy for our long trip. Müi Né, here we are.

This city is similar to Jesolo, Italy. A long road next to the sea, lot of hotels, bars and pubs. You can even kitesurf, it is a popular sport here. But not in the monsoon time. The kite season starts in December. If you watch the video, you can see it is still very windy. Unfortunately the weather is not so good, so we didn’t stay long here.

On the road to the red dunes we found the market place, and few other interesting things.

When we arrived to the red dunes we felt like we were in the desert. It is beautiful. Unfortunately after few minutes it started raining so we headed back to HCMC, Saigon. From Müi Né it is around 200-230 km away.

We wished it would have rained just a bit, but it was terrible. The next couple of hours was raining like crazy. We never had an experience like this before. Even our back tire got flat on the highway, but we found a guy who fixed it quickly for only 3 dollars. 

We gave him other one as a tip, he was so happy, you can not imagine it.

Our GPS wanted to show us some beautiful places, so sometimes we just came off the highway and visited some villages. To be honest it’s really worth it to go around Saigon off road, it was very cool.

After 10 hours, we finally arrive to Saigon and ran to watch the FIFA Final Cup.

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